What Chemical Peels Can Do?

What Chemical Peels Can Do?

Whether to have a peel and what type to get depends on the condition of your skin, your skin type, and keeping your expectations realistic. Most important is for you to know that a peel isn’t an anti-aging cure-all.
For example, peels cannot help with sagging skin and they don’t replace the results possible from cosmetic corrective procedures such as Botox or any of the numerous dermal fillers.

1. Lighten unwanted pigmentation and even out skin tone


Photo credit: http://www.hyperpigmentationtreatment3.com/

2. Brighten your skin


3. Smooth Out rough skin


Photo credit: www.facialsurgery.com

4. Light acne blemishes and prevent future outbreaks



5. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles


6. Increase collagen and elastin




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