6 Things Guys Worry About As They Age


6 Things Guys Worry About As They Age

Grooming tricks to making sure you look like a handsome, silver fox.

The Fear: Haggard-looking skin


If you’ve noticed your skin has been looking gray, tired, and peaky – i.e. old – you’re going to need a product that helps boost cellular turnover (A.K.A. getting rid of old skin to bring out newer layers). Look for a facial foam (and no, they’re not all the same) that deep cleans and has cooling menthol to instantly refresh skin and stimulate tired-looking skin. Prescription strength retinol and growth factors really help skin cells to turn over and produce more collagen. These are simple steps you can do at home. Please contact Ohio Laser & Wellness Centers at 330-343-8200 and schedule your free consultation to customize an easy home skin care plan that effectively reverses the unwanted signs of aging.

The Fear: Wrinkles & Spots


Prevention is key, so get ahead by using an all-in-one, daily moisturizer that’ll give you all the anti-aging skin benefits you need.  When shopping, read the label and look for keywords like coffee bean extracts (this energizes your skin and give it a healthy glow), vitamin B3 (to banish dark spots and brighten skin), and cooling menthol (to minimize the appearance of pores). One simple laser treatments can get rid of veins and pigmented spots and make you look 10 years younger!

The Fear: Adult Acne


When pimples and breakouts refuse to stay in your adolescent past, it may be time to reassess your lifestyle, grooming routine, and skincare products to see what triggers your breakouts. A quick fix? A facial wash with mineral clay, salicylic acid and witch hazel extract to control excess oil and remove 99 percent acne bacteria. Spot treat pimples and help them go away quickly with benzo peroxide and prescription strength retinol that also helps with anti-aging.

The Fear: Thinning hair


Nothing symbolizes virility like a full head of hair. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness – the most common type of hair loss in men – can affect men in their 30s onwards and can’t really be reversed. Your best bet? Reduce the hair fall with products that stimulate the scalp to encourage hair growth. If you already suffer from thinning hair, a volumizing shampoo can help hair appear fuller and thicker.


Source: http://www.skinmatters.com.ph/



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