How To Remove Yellow Armpit Stains (Quick, Easy and Cheap)

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A white shirt is simple and classic, whether dress or tee. But nothing kills the crisp, clean sexy style like yellow armpit stains. Yellow pits happen to the most hygienic of gents. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a simple solution to prevent and remove them.
Why do yellow armpit stains happen? The aluminum in the antiperspirant stains your shirts, but you can’t go without the antiperspirant. Alpha found a $5 solution to remove and prevent- Oxiclean! It works! He had tried everything, including bleach, and nothing worked. He researched and found Oxiclean. He tested it with the spray bottle (you can also use granules) on a shirt with stains– and it freakin’ worked!

Alpha demonstrates how to apply the Oxiclean. Once the shirt is saturated, let the shirt sit for 24-hours. Before it goes into the washer, hit it one more time. Dry it like normal. Stains are gone!

So, what about prevention? Alpha hits the shirt after wearing a shirt before throwing the shirt into the laundry basket. Wash and dry like normally. Proof is in the pit- it works


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