What to Eat During Pregnancy: Healthy Snack Ideas

Are you too full for full-sized meals? Is that parking spot already taken? As your stomach starts losing the competition for space in your increasingly cramped abdomen at 30 weeks pregnant, polishing off the pasta or chowing down on chicken can definitely seem unappetizing and physically impossible. Fortunately, snacks can step in to save the day — and get you through the day, while supplying all the nutrients you need to put those important finishing touches on that baby of yours. In fact, when it comes to keeping a healthy Pregnancy Diet (especially in the third trimester), eating less food more often is most effective. Women who eat at least five times a day are more likely to carry to term (and less likely to carry around a bad case of bloat). Whether you call them big snacks or mini-meals, they should pack in maxi-nutrition (in other words, you shouldn’t use them as an excuse to grab a chocolate baby Bundt cake or a café latte — make sure you know what foods to avoid during pregnancy.)

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