How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

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How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

There are many situations where knowing how to look beautiful without makeup comes in handy. Sometimes you are in such a great hurry that you think you’’ll put on makeup in the car, only to find out you left your makeup kit behind. Or you may be hurried and can’’t take the time to retouch, but realize you need to fix your makeup in a flash. You may be somewhere or doing something where makeup is out of place.

Or you may want to take up the recent trend of celebrities (going barefaced in public), but still want to look presentable. Learning how to look beautiful without makeup is very helpful in such situations. There are people who really don’’t care and are too lazy to do anything about their appearance. The fact that you want to know how to look beautiful without makeup indicates you are not one of them. Good for you! Read on.

For a really quick fix: wash your face, neck, and if you can, your arms and hands in cold water. This is instantly refreshing. The cold water will close your pores and may help keep shine at bay for a little bit longer.

Or take up your hair. Neaten your appearance. Don’t forget your teeth: take a bit of time to gargle. Give your cheeks a pinch and your lips a quick bite to get them to redden somewhat.

Clean up. Grunge and the just-out-of-bed look may appear sexy and fresh in movies, but it takes a horde of makeup people, stylists, lights, and special effects guys to get actors and actresses to look like that. In real life, the light may not always be flattering, dirt and grime are off-putting, and body odor is a turn-off. We seldom look our best when we first get up from bed. So take that shower, shampoo your hair, and put on clean clothes. You can’t manufacture a fresh look. It doesn’t come out of a bottle. So make the effort. And then spray on some scent. Fresh, light, scent. Again, you have to be clean first. Pouring perfume on yourself to hide several days of sweat, grime, and body odor will only make you reek.

Look put-together. Brush your hair or put it up in a ponytail, so long as the style suits you. Put on clothes that look good on you. Sometimes people are not sure what looks flattering on them, so they fall into a fashion rut. Take the trouble to read up on your body shape, lifestyle, and budget then try on lots of clothes to find the styles that look good on you. Don’t blindly follow trends; adapt trends to your personality. Accessorize! Bright, bold accessories draw the eye.



Eat well and exercise regularly. Health gives you a radiant glow and vitality, making you more youthful. If you’re not sick, there’s no reason why you should not stay healthy, particularly if you want to look beautiful. Of course, a person can be sick and still be beautiful –yes, even without makeup. Even a cancer survivor whose hair has not yet grown back can be strikingly beautiful. Eating well and exercising (if you can manage it) are doubly important if you’re sick. They will boost your immune system and get the endorphins and adrenaline going in your body; those, in turn, will help up your beauty factor.

Smile a lot. A friendly, pleasant countenance will make people better disposed to you and enhance their perception of your beauty.

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Looking beautiful is not about makeup. Beauty is in the person. And in this day and age, when the standards of beauty are more encompassing and less rigid than in years past, there’s no excuse for not looking your best. Wearing or not wearing makeup will not determine whether you are considered beautiful. There’s a lot more acceptance of inner beauty nowadays. Cultivating your best self, and making sure you are at your peak in appearance and in inner peace and joy, are effective ways to answer your question about how to look beautiful without makeup.


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