7 Spring Beauty Looks to Try Every Day This Week

7 Spring Beauty Looks to Try Every Day This Week

Even the most creative makeup and hairstyling junkies occasionally suffer from a bout of beauty block. Just follow this lineup for unexpected looks that’ll keep you inspired through the week.

Mother's Day Specials


Pinned-Back Hair

This is the perfect hairstyle for a Sunday because, well, it’s really easy. In fact, if you have even just one bobby pin on hand (there has to be one floating somewhere in your purse, right?), it could take you fewer than five seconds.


Spring Beauty Looks - Pinned-Back Hair


Cat Eye and Red Lips

Monday hack: Spend five extra minutes on your makeup and no one will be able to tell that you overslept and didn’t have time to wash your hair. A bit of medium- to full-coverage foundation, red lips, and a flick of liquid liner will fool everyone into thinking you’re just as put together as you purport to be on your Instagram feed.

Spring Beauty Looks - Cat Eye and Red Lips



Use a hoop-shaped clip to pull back the top section of your hair starting just above your ears. The best part about this look is that it can be a cool way to flaunt your natural texture—and the ring is an fresh alternative to the traditional clamp.Spring Beauty Looks - Accessorize



Hair Tuck

With warm weather approaching, your days in cozy sweaters are numbered. Take advantage of the weather during this transitional period by folding your ends into a turtleneck for a faux-bob effect. Bonus: It’s also an excellent way to hide split ends.Spring Beauty Looks - Hair Tuck


Deep Side Part

Even if you’ve been rocking the same center part since middle school, give this one a chance: A deep side swoop is flattering on almost everyone. It won’t look sloppy if you blast your roots with dry shampoo and texturizer to give it some hold, but honestly, a little slop can be sexy in the hair department.Spring Beauty Looks - Deep Side Part



Matte Red Lips

A matte red lipstick is the perfect Friday face brightener during the day, and as Rihanna demonstrates, it pops just as much at night. We recommend a liquid formula for extra-long wear. Spring Beauty Looks - Matte Red Lips



Natural but Enhanced

For Saturday night, an amped-up version of your natural daytime look is always safe because you pretty much know how it’s going to look after a few hours. (We can’t say the same about a dark smoky eye.) Palermo’s makeup is the perfect example of this; she looks like herself—just slightly more dramatic.

Spring Beauty Looks - Natural but Enhanced

Source: http://www.allure.com/






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