Blind Mother Sees Her Newborn Child For The First Time

This is the unbelievable moment a blind mother received her eyesight back and saw her newborn for the first time.

29-year-old Kathy Beitz cries ‘Oh my gosh’ as he clutches the baby’s tiny limbs and gazes at him in astonishment.

Since she was eleven, Kathy has suffered from macular degeneration.

She has some minor vision but has a massive blind spot and she has been registered lawfully blind for almost all her life.

Kathy had earlier never seen a baby before, until the emotional moment on the hospital ward only hours after she delivered him.

Thanks to a piece of rare, innovative eye-wear, medics managed to restore her eyesight so she could look at him for the first time.

The glasses, valued over $15,000, use a video camera to record pictures that they then enhance and figures which they then enhance and then projected onto displays in front of the eyes.

The glasses were financed by a fundraising programme from the creator of the glasses eSight, as they weren’t covered by her medical insurance and she states they have totally transformed her life.

Kathy states they have made things a lot easier for her as she looks after baby Askel in his first days with duties like going shopping now.



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