10 Delicious Vegan Breakfast

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10 Delicious Vegan Breakfast

But some days we just feel like doing something different – if you ever have one of those days and are in need of some inspiration, try one of the vegan breakfast ideas below…

Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomato

vegan breakfast

In my opinion, almost any savory meal can be improved with avocado. It’s just something about it that makes everything taste better.

The same goes for high quality hummus – so imagine what the two do together with a meal. This is a great breakfast toast, and would even be good enough as a party snack.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/49835990645/hummus-and-avocado-toasts-with-roasted-tomatoes

Vegan Eggs Benedict

vegan breakfast

There are some meals that you just think would be impossible to make vegan, like a poached egg – although far from the real thing, this is a vegan benedict worth checking out, if not for anything else than for the idea alone!

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/50234879500/vegan-eggs-benedict

Vegan Breakfast Salad

vegan breakfast

So simple and yet so tasty – a salad mixing fresh fruits with vegetables and a little bit of peanut butter, lemon juice and chia seeds on top and you have yourself a delicious breakfast salad!

Chia seeds seems to be the common ingredient of quite a few of these breakfast recipes – and there are many reasons why; it’s an excellent source for omega-3 fatty acid, protein, fiber and plenty of minerals so it’s the perfect food to include in your breakfast.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/45898869474/vegan-breakfast-salad

Ginger, Cardamom, Quinoa Cereal with Pomegranate

vegan breakfast

Some people refer to quinoa as supergrains, they’re full of protein with amino acids, fiber, iron and other minerals – and they’re easy to prepare.

Here’s a recipe for a delicious breakfast quinoa cereal topped with pomegranate seeds.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/49498415483/ginger-cardamom-quinoa-cereal-with-pomegranate

Strawberry, Banana Oatmeal Brûlée

vegan breakfast

While oatmeal surely has its benefits, having it without anything on top is just so bland.

If you want to make it more appetizing, here is an idea: strawberry and banana brûlée.

This recipe is very quick and simple but does require a propane torch for the crusty top.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/45483913420/strawberry-banana-oatmeal-brulee-vegan

Bircher Muesli with Chia Seeds, Figs and Apples

vegan breakfast

If you like your breakfast a little healthier than the recipe above and are looking for a real energy booster, this bircher muesli with chia seeds, figs and apples is it.

Prepare it the night before and serve cold in the morning, topped with fresh figs or other fruits of your choice.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/50234860696/bircher-muesli-with-chia-seeds-figs-apples

Maple Cinnamon Applesauce

vegan breakfast

If you don’t have a propane torch but still want to make something flavorful out of your oatmeal, this recipe on maple cinnamon applesauce is also very nice.

You can make one botch and store it in the fridge for a whole week, so you have at least a couple of breakfast meals covered!

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/47289540877/maple-cinnamon-applesauce

Whole Wheat Vegan Breakfast Crepes

vegan breakfast

Few things taste better in the morning than freshly made warm crepes. This recipe is a great vegan version of crepes using flaxseeds as egg replacement.

Flaxseeds are perfect for breakfast, they’re a great source of fiber, lignans and omega-3 fatty acids and as they’re tasteless you can really top it on anything.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/47044071876/whole-wheat-vegan-breakfast-crepes


Vegan Full English Breakfast

vegan breakfast

Now the concept of vegan and English breakfast might sound like a contradiction, as the English breakfast is known for its sausages and bacon.

But traditionally, the plate is also filled with baked beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

This is a great and filling vegan version of the full English breakfast, perfect for late mornings and brunch.

view recipe: http://recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/48259050118/vegan-full-english-breakfast

Apple Blackberry Crisp

vegan breakfast

This apple blackberry crisp is really so good you could have it as a dessert, it’s easy to make and you can have whatever fruits and berries you prefer – although I love the idea of apples and blackberries so I’d go with that!

Source: http://veggiefocus.com/

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