Best Activities You Can Do With Your Family This Summer


Best Activities You Can Do With Your Family This Summer

Looking for some fun outdoor activities for you and your family? Be sure to try these simple, imaginative, and fun activities!

Buy a badminton set and have a weekend tournament for all your friends and family, complete with a potluck barbecue.

Set up a water festival in your backyard that includes dunking, running through sprinklers, a water balloon toss game, a slip ‘n slide, and a water balloon fight. Let your kids invite all their friends, and invite a few of yours, too. Celebrate the end of the day with watermelon.

Rent bikes and follow a local bike path you’ve never been on. Stop for ice cream cones.
Go camping. Go hiking, catch fireflies, roast marshmallows, sing songs, snuggle on a blanket and watch the fire together.

Go tubing. Or canoeing. Or rafting.

Have a dinner picnic and watch the sunset (bring the bug repellent.)

Go to the beach and spend the day body surfing. When you get cold, collect shells and use them to decorate your sand castle.

Go to bed really early some night when you’re tired, and get up for the sunrise. Bring donuts and coffee.

Make homemade ice cream. (You don’t need an ice cream maker, just rock salt and plastic bags; there are recipes online.)

Buy a mess of crabs and cook them up with some corn on the cob. Let the kids stay up late playing tag as it gets dark.



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